08.11.2019 Our TIBS article 'Bringing Molecular Dynamics Simulation Data into View.' on the cover.
17.09.2019 We are happy to announce this years workshop on structural modeling and MD simulations which will be organized together with the Jens Meiler Laboratory from Vanderbilt University. Find the accordant link here: Modeling protein mutations with Rosetta
02.09.2019 Our project β€œIn silico GPCR: 'A computational microscope to determine receptor – G protein coupling specificity and functional selectivity'” at the Berlin Institut of Health, funded by the Stiftung Charite was renewed until March 31, 2022. This establishes another 2 years of funding for the Berlin laboratory of BIH Visiting Fellow Brian Kobilka from Standford University.
10.07.2019 Our TIBS Opinion into 'Bringing Molecular Dynamics Simulation Data int\o View.' is going online.
07.06.2019 Please find our new publication in CELL, which is a contribution to Brian Kobilkas work on structural intermediates that covern receptor-G protein complex formation. In this context, please find a recent press release of the Berlin Institute of Health.
28.05.2019 A promising SFB evaluation.
24.05.2019 The new website is online.